SRCCC is a 180 Day Program

Program Phase Progression

SRCCC Residents move from intake to release through a total of four (4) phases (Orientation/Orange, Life Skills/Purple, Community Transition/Gray, Pre-Release/Green).  Progression through these phases, are impacted by positive interaction, program attendance and engagement, positive behavior and compliance with facility rules and expectations. Privileges increase as each phase is completed.

Job Readiness, Education and Treatment Programs

The SRCCC program provides an opportunity for growth and change.  While offering this opportunity for change, the program expects participants to be responsible for the consequences of his/her actions and attitudes.

To assist in this change, SRCCC provides internal and community resources in the following areas:

Career Resources/Job Seeking Activities/Employment

Individuals learn the basic tenants and soft skills necessary to improve their employability.  Individuals are given guidance, assistance, and transportation to obtain appropriate employment in the community as needed and as available.


Individuals lacking a secondary education are provided a comprehensive educational program in conjunction with ASPIRE/Canton City Schools that is a high school equivalency test preparation program that develops the skills required to take the GED test.

Case Management

Individuals are assigned a case manager at admission that provides intensive management of their individualized treatment programs and assists with various needs including: